Salt lake city barber shop

We are you located in Midvale or in the surrounding area? Are you aware of Salt Lake City best barbershop? are you In search of the best, or even highest rated barber shop in Salt Lake City? You don't need to search any further, Kraken Barbershop is the right place to be.

Services we provide

  • Men’s haircut

  • Men’s Straight razor shaves

  • Fades

  • Traditional haircut

  • Nose, ear and eyebrow waxing

  • Kids haircuts (6yr+)

The only place my husband will go. If goes somewhere else, he’ll be back here to have it fixed. Come see Savanna! The pic says it all.
— -Yelp Crystal N.

centrally situated in the valley where we can be reached within fifteen minutes from anywhere. If you are in search of the best, then distance shouldn't be a problem as we've have clients from far and distant places. Kraken Barbershop is a must visit barbershop in Salt Lake City. We do our best by giving the best haircut to our clients based on their reviews.

Seeing is believing if you are yet to be convinced, why not make a try to visiting Kraken Barber Shop in Salt Lake City to witness the fantastic hairstyles and barbers, we've got to give you the perfect haircut you desire to look attractive. Salt Lake City barbershop isn't just a small city with a single barbershop but, for Kraken Barbershop to be the highest rated and best in Salt Lake City, we must have been tested overtimes and proven to be indeed the best.

We have been reviewed by our clients who have patronized us severally and know what we are worth. We've gotten over 200 reviews by our clients on Yelp and Google. Are you now convinced? Why not make it a date at Kraken Barber Shop and let's give you the best haircut that will make you feel more confident.


Kraken Barber Shop is owned by D. Sandoval which he opened in 2014, immediately after barber school. He is known to be the owner of the highest rated barbershop in Salt Lake City, Utah. He now has a bigger barber shop in Midvale with enough room for four other professional barbers with excellent customer service skills along haircuts. The haircut price depends on the style requested. You might also be interested in finding out which haircut style near you and we can help you with that. You can book your appointment at for your preferred haircut.


“10/10 would recommend this shop. High quality work from everyone here, especially D. Such a chill and warming atmosphere. If you need a great place to get a great cut, I highly recommend this place.
Also, as a Chinese guy new to SLC, this place really knows how to work the Asian hair lol.
— — Yelp Reviews

Creativity is very crucial part in haircuts. But this does not mean you shouldn’t be able to get the hairstyle you desire. Men in Salt Lake City are very lucky to have Kraken Barber Shop near.

I am a model. I can’t just make any haircut because I must look attractive. I live some distance from Salt Lake City, what can I do? I need to know which mens haircut best barber shop is near me.

All you need do is to check our schedule by going to the appointments page to see the what times we have to give you the haircuts available for men after which you get to make your choice. Book online and schedule an appointment.

The best haircut near you can determine if you will visit a barbershop near you. It’s a different when you want the best hairstyle and a shop, it’s another thing finding the right barber to be able to make such haircut come to reality.

At Kraken barber shop, we are professional barbers whom are skillful to make just about any hairstyle possible.


This is Beowulf, you’ll find him sleeping most of the time.

This is Beowulf, you’ll find him sleeping most of the time.

I just moved to Salt Lake City. I am a person who loves to have a haircut/shave regularly. I am very new to Salt Lake City. I need a place where I can get a nice haircut, but then, I don't know which barbershop is open near me. Why going far?

Kraken Barbershop is open near you in Salt Lake City. We are the barbershop open near you. To make it easy, you can find barbershop near you on Yelp or Google. Kraken Barbershop is the highest rated in Salt Lake City based on reviews by our client.

We are an only appointment barbershop who doesn't waste time attending to her clients. You book an appointment online, and we schedule you by giving you time that is available for us to attend well to you. There are barbershops you will have to sit almost forever before they attend to you. Kraken Barber shop isn't like that. We don't delay our clients. That's why we give our clients appointment to schedule the time our barbers will be available to attend to them. We make our clients very comfortable with the time given schedule. At Kraken Barber Shop, we have professional male and female barbers who will give the best treatment and style to your hair. You can meet our barbers ahead by checking our website at to know their profile, and you can select which of them you would like to book an appointment with. Our prices are affordable as well.