Need Some Inspiration? A Look at Current Men's Hairstyles of 2019

A Look at Current Men's Hairstyles of 2019

Not sure how you're going to get your hair cut the next time you hit up the barber? Check out these current men's hairstyles for inspiration!

The average man goes to a barbershop about six times a year. While this probably isn't nearly often enough if you want to look your best, it does show that you're in good company whenever you feel like booking an appointment.

Even if you might know that you want to switch things up with a new hairstyle, you may be having a tough time deciding what you want your barber to do when you're in the chair. After all, there are so many styles to choose from, and all of them will make you look and feel like the man. So, you might be wondering, where do you start?

Luckily, we're here to answer this question. Today we're going to talk about some of the most popular current men's hairstyles in 2019. If you think about these ideas, you're sure to find something you love, so let's get cracking!

Fade Haircuts

Fade haircuts are one of the most popular hairstyles among men today. They're sleek and give a modern aesthetic that a lot of traditional haircuts just can't provide.

One cool thing about fade styles is that this term doesn't just refer to one thing. Rather, it incorporates a set of styles that are cut close in the back and tapers (or fades) into any length you like at the top. This means that when you look into a fade hairstyle, you've got a lot of options.

You can love your fade haircut with any length of hair you could dream of. There are also so many ways you can style your hair when you get one of these cuts that you'll never feel confined to just one look! Whether you want a temple fade or a faux hawk fade, this modern trend has your back.

Slick and Textured

You remember a few years ago when (the incredibly sexy and talented) Taylor Swift expressed her affection for 'that long haired, slicked back, white t-shirt'? Well, she did, and that's definitive evidence that the ladies (or gentlemen) dig a slicked-back hairstyle in men.

The duck-tail styles that were popular in the 50's are making a comeback—with a few modern twists. You can pomade your hair to maintain it in so many positions that you'll never get bored.

There are a lot of ways you can texture your hair when slicking it back. If you have the right products, you can accentuate certain areas of your hairstyle to bring out your best facial features or your sexy, shapely forehead. 

Our professionals can help you bring this vision to life! Click here to meet the knowledgeable experts who will help you look amazing and create your new and improved self.


The comb-over is similar to a slicked-back style, but it requires less work. If you don't want to wake up early and style your hair for a long time before work every morning, the comb-over might be right for you.

The magic of these styles is in the part. Decide where you want the part of your hair to be- we recommend it be on the side since, well, you won't have much to comb over if it's in the middle. Then all you need to do is use a shaping product and comb your hair over to the opposite side of the part.

This will leave you with an awesome and modern asymmetrical look. It's professional and perfect for the workplace and it also looks stunningly attractive on a first date. No matter the situation, a comb-over is always appropriate.

Purposefully Messy

While it isn't the most professional style, purposefully messy hair is a really popular style right now. It's best when used in informal situations, like a night out with the boys or a trip to the bar. Anyone you might be interested in will think you're independent and a trendsetter who doesn't think too much about the opinions of others.

Little do they know that making sure your messy hair looks perfect is just as hard as creating the perfect slicked-back style. Even if you're going for a messy look, you don't want to just roll out of bed and go with it- you want everything to be in place with product. If you aren't careful, your hot messy look can quickly turn into a sloppy one.

Messy hairstyles are awesome because they don't have to be an everyday thing. In fact, for a day at the office, you definitely should do something else with your hair. Since your hair will still be an appropriate length to comb it back or make it slick, you won't be locked into one thing.

Release Your Lion's Mane

Male lions look majestic with their long manes, and guess what? You can, too. While in the past many people in the western world have frowned upon long hairstyles for men, that isn't the case anymore. Now, long hairstyles like man buns or ponytails are a huge trend.

If you grow your hair out, there's so much you can do with it. You aren't locked into the same few styles you would be if you had short hair. Instead, you'll have a lot of possibilities to play with since you can use all sorts of products, brushes, and items to draw it back or up.

More on Current Men's Hairstyles

While figuring out the hairstyle you want can be a chore, it doesn't have to be. If you explore the most popular styles of 2019, you're sure to find something that you love.

Now that you know the best current men's hairstyles that are sure to make you look masculine and trendy, it's time to get started on the process of getting one. If you want the best haircuts in Utah- or anywhere in the US, really- you're going to want to book an appointment with us. We'll work with you to come up with the perfect hairstyle that's sure to give you the confidence that every man needs.

Whether you're in the workplace or on a date, get ready to look (and feel) awesome!