How to trim men's beard [styles of beards]

How to Shape a Beard

Your facial hair is more than just a display of manly vigor and vitality. Like every aesthetic choice involved in men’s grooming, it’s a conscious or unconscious signifier of who you are as a man. If you’re careful with your words, you should be careful with your hair as well. With that in mind, here are a few examples of just what your beard might be saying about you. And remember if you live in the salt lake city area. Visit kraken barbers to keep that beard looking great.


The wild full beard

The kind of growth that many wish they could have, this is the kind of beard for a man who is fully comfortable with who he is as a person. At a first glance, it might look rugged and untamed, the kind of thing for the no-nonsense woodsman and explorer who has other things to focus on. However, take the time to make sure it’s cared for and trimmed rather than growing unkempt and it helps to show you as the man who is fully at home in his own masculinity.

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The tidier full beard

It’s been becoming more and more in style lately to let all that beard out, then to rein it right back in again. These often start as a wilder fully beard, before the individual man decides to sharpen his look up considerably. It has a more sophisticated quality to it, harkening to the distinguished professors and researchers of days gone by. The meticulous level of care it takes to keep a full beard so neatly groomed also communicates a level of care as to how you present yourself. A good look for the serious man looking to make a serious impression.

scruff beard.jpg

The scruffiness

The bad boy, the rebel, the guy who’s just too cool to care. If you want to maintain a level of devil-may-care scruffiness, it will take a little more regular work than the casual observer might notice, but that doesn’t diminish its aesthetic impact at all. This one is wildly popular with the ladies and it’s not too difficult to see why. It’s a display of that growing masculinity, but with a certain contrived easy-going nature that makes it seem all the more adventurous and fun. There’s a good reason this is the kind of facial hair most leading men wear.

trimmed beard style.jpg

The trimmed goatee

Though not as popular as it might have once been, this style of goatee trims the somewhat scragglier rural charms of its wilder cousin and presents a sharper, more modern image. If you don’t like how you look with a full beard, this allows you to show off some facial depth, adding a masculine, but not-quite-rugged character to the contours and definition of the face. It’s the facial hair of the energetic professional, the young go-getting entrepreneur and the kind of man who can see himself giving inspiring speeches to a team during a scrum.

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The chinstrap

Buyer beware when it comes to this kind of beard. It takes an awful lot of care and preparation to ensure it doesn’t devolve into its unsightly cousin, the neckbeard, or some mix of patchy fuzz. A chinstrap, goatee, and mustache can make a man look like a well-crafted, experienced professional with experience and prestige. It’s a look so contrived that no-one could ever believe that it’s effortless, so if you’re something of a show-off, it might be the perfect way to show the world just how much work you put into how you’re presented. Sure, it might look a little egotistical, but that’s not a bad thing for the man who’s proud of how he looks and how he lives.

handlebar beard style.jpg

The handlebar

Mustaches are, in general, for the man who is confident that he can look good with a style that has traditionally been much maligned. They fell out of style for a long time but are slowly coming back. However, the handlebar is something of an exception. It’s become the signature look of many a barber, with its meticulous shape, and adds a little more breadth to the traditional mustache that creates a warmer, friendlier look. A good aesthetic for the man who wants to show their personable side, the facial hair for the leader, friend, and the man that women might just want to start a family with, but we can’t promise that last result.

If you want to make sure that your facial hair is saying all of the right things about you, then you should take the time to style it. Come visit our Salt Lake City Barber Shop and make sure you’re communicating exactly what kind man you are.

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