Power Up With Pomade: What It Is and Why You Need It

Do You Need Pomade?

What is pomade anyway? Does your hair really need it? See why it might!

Pomade? Isn't that when you dye a pomeranian's coat with Kool-Aid? 

No (although we can't blame you for the guess); it's a hair product. 

Pomade is an excellent item for styling regardless of hair type and it offers several benefits you won't find in regular gels. So what's the big deal? 

Well, if you want to let your lion mane shine, you'd best learn about one of the most-used and efficient products out there. Find out if pomade is right for you and if you're ready to let your inner beast loose. 

A History Lesson

Pomade is that stuff all the cool guys from the 1950s slathered in their hair, making it greasy and as impenetrable to the elements as Chuck Norris is to, well, pretty much anything. 

Back then, pomade was thick, unhealthy and difficult to remove from the hair. Thankfully, fashionistas decided men didn't have to sacrifice their hair to the petroleum used in automobiles to make a statement. 

So they changed pomade. A lot. 

Pomade Today

Today, pomade is a healthy styling product for the hair. It comes with an assortment of ingredients, all of which aim at locking in moisture, promoting hair growth and maintaining a natural look.

It comes in two basic types: water-based and oil-based


Going for the greaser look or that slicked-back undercut that's so in style? Oil-based is your wingman. You'll achieve the sleek, greased back appearance without giving others a reason to question the last time you showered. 

Plus your hair won't go anywhere, letting you enjoy a supreme hold with little effort.


Do you prefer a casual, messy and textured style? Water-based pomade is right for you.

You'll get the perfect sheen to your mane without the unnatural stiffness. No one will wonder if they'll break a finger running their hands through your hair. 

And even with the feathered softness that makes up your model-worthy head of hair, you'll still enjoy maximum hold. 


Pomade offers several benefits to manly-men looking for a great style. 

  1. It's easy to use. Just apply to the densest portion of your hair and work forwards. Apply when the hair is damp for the best absorption. 

  2. You can use it on your beard. That's right; show who you are as a man with a beard style using oil-based pomade. 

  3. It's perfect for all hair types. Regardless of your hair's thickness, sensitivity or texture, pomade is a respectable product worthy of the universal head nod of approval. 

  4. It's easy to wash out. No more 50s' styles that remain glued to your hair follicles for life. Pomade washes out with one quick rinse. 

If you want all the pleasures pomade offers, go for the specialty-made types with specific added ingredients, such as rosemary. 

Is It Right for Me?

Pomade's great for everyone, but you'll especially reap the rewards if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have dry or sensitive hair.

  • You are losing hair. 

  • Normal gel causes flaking.

  • You want a greaser look.

  • You want a firm hold without hardened hair. 

  • You prefer natural ingredients. 

Any of these ring a bell? If so, stop in at your friendly neighborhood barbershop to pick some up. 

Make a Statement

It's quick, it's efficient and it demonstrates who you are with a glance. That's why pomade is right for everyone. 

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It's time to let your inner beast shine.