Ultimate Guide to Fades

Ultimate Guide to Fades

Did you know there are different types of fades? Here is your guide to the best of them.

Did you know that the average American male gets a haircut every three to six weeks? While this shouldn't come as a surprise to you, it may have you thinking about your next haircut.

Let's be real. There's nothing in this world that makes a person feel more confident than a great haircut, especially men. But with such a vast variety of options, how do you know which haircut is best for you?

Fortunately, we've bought you the ultimate guide to one of the most popular haircuts out there! Did you know that there are different types of fades? Here are the different type of fades to check out before booking your next appointment.

1. Low Fade

First on our ultimate list of fades is the low fade. This timeless haircut has been the go-to for years. What's cool about this cut is that it can work with short or long hair.

Starting by the ears, a low fade follows your hairline until it reaches your neck. You can opt to have the sides and back as low or high as you want because of the versatility.

2. High Fade

On the opposite side of the spectrum, high fades are starting to become more popular as the years go on. Shaving the hair around the crown, the high top fade is perfect for those who are looking for a chic, edgy style for an upcoming event.

3. Taper Fade

Next on our ultimate list of fades is the taper fade. This specific haircut is one that doesn't require cutting the hair down to the skin. And because it leaves your hair longer than the conventional fades, this is more versatile than the conventional fades.

4. Skin Fade Haircut

Out of all the men's fade haircuts, this one is the one that gives off the highest contrast. The top is usually left untouched while the hair around the sides and neck are shaved bare. If you're looking for bad boy hairstyle, not only is the pricing great, but this is definitely going to be your definite go-to.

5. Temp Fade

Last on our ultimate list of fades, is the infamous temp fade. Popular primarily in the African American customers, this specific fade goes really goes well with curly, kinky, and wavy hair.

Next time you make your way to a barbershop, ask your barber about the infamous temp fades if you're looking for the perfect cut accompanied by sharp, clean edges.

Everything You Need to Know About Fades And More

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