What Is Beard Oil and Why Should You Use It?

What Is Beard Oil and Why Should You Use It?

How many of you fellas take care of your beard?

No, not the occasional trim and wash but really get in there and having it well-groomed. Yes, it takes extra time and effort but it does make a difference if you want to look prim and proper. 

You probably caught wind of it and have this on your mind, "What is beard oil?".

Beard oil isn't some newfangled product they're trying to sell you just because. Beard oil is quite essential if you want to improve the health and look of your face whiskers. Keep reading if you're interested in trying the stuff.

What Is Beard Oil?

Look, we get it, some of you couldn't be bothered with beard maintenance. You're fine having it crazed but many of us want to look our best and that's where beard oil comes into play. 

The Beard Oil Ingredients

Beard oil is two parts:

  • Carrier oil

  • Essential oil

You'll also find brands with unique mixes including vitamins and minerals. The essential oils come in a variety, too, giving each blend a unique smell and benefits (more on this later). 

How to Use Beard Oil

Use of beard oil is as simple as it gets:

  1. Wash up

  2. Drop 2 - 4 drops in your palms

  3. Rub your hands together

  4. Massage the oils into your beard

You'll usually apply the beard oil up through the beard, then smooth it out. You could use a beard comb during this process, too, to get it all over.

Most beard oil users apply it a couple of times a week depending on their beard size, type, and routine. You can increase frequency if your beard and face tend to dry out or if you generally enjoy the experience.

The Benefits of Using Beard Oil Regularly

Beard oil is great for styling but offers several other benefits for your hair and skin. We could get into how it'll improve your mood by looking better, too, but that's a given. Here's what you should know about the beard oil benefits:

Stop Beard Itch

There are several reasons why your hair gets itchy but it's usually because it's dry. The glands at the root of your hairs can only produce so much nourishment. As the beard gets longer, the hair becomes less and less moisturized from them.

Beard oil compensates the oils and nutrients your beard needs. A regular application keeps the hair follicles healthy, meaning less itch!

Become Flake Free

Beardruff... nasty, right? No one likes seeing the white specs in their beard. Like beard itch, the problem stems from the hair follicles underneath. 

The sebaceous glands produce a limited amount of sebum oil. A long beard begins using up most of the oil, meaning less is going to the skin. Try beard oil (coupon code: kraken20) if you're flaking as it provides the oils and moisturizers to keep skin healthy.

An added bonus? Healthy sebaceous glands can prevent acne

Look Good

Beard oil will tame that scraggly mess you call your beard. In doing so, your appearance should improve because you're looking clean and well-defined.

Be(ard) Proud of Your Looks

So, we answered your question of, "What is beard oil?". Hopefully, this gives those fellas looking scraggly a nudge. Everyone else on board with its use should find it a great part of their routine of looking prim and proper.

Speaking of looking great... are you ready for a trim?

Book an appointment and let us do our thing. You'll come out looking proud of how you look. We guarantee it.