beard oil vs beard balm

As a barber for the last few years and a fellow beard owner. these are my thoughts on the beard oil vs beard balm.

Beard oil:

Beard oil is great when you first start growing out your beard. It especially helps people who have dry/ sensitive skin. If you are prone to having skin the week week after you start growing your beard. You notice that you are scratching like a maniac and end up giving up on the beard and shave it off. That is because of your dry skin. It really doesn’t have much to do with the hair.

So, in order to keep you from going insane from scratching and giving up on growing your beard. You will need an oil. Now there are many types of beard oils out there,

Quick tip: beard oil is absorbed faster giving you a matte look. Where beard balm takes longer to absorb giving you a shiny look.

Beard balm:

Beard balm is mostly made of a soft beeswax. I recommend beard balm once you have a pretty good length on your beard.most men have curly facial hair that tends to stray away from the rest of the hair. And because it is in a wax form rather than just oil it takes longer for the skin and hair to absorb. Which is great because it keeps your hair moisturized all day. Keeping your hair healthy all day. A soft wax will hold it down for a limited of time. It won’t be an all day hold. but it does some what helps. Because so much movement and body that the beard holds it tends to soften up the wax and becomes weak. From my experience I have not found a balm that will keep it in place all day.

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But my top suggestion is this. I have not sold any beard oil or beard balm in my barber shop for one reason. I hate them all. But a guy named Chris came into my shop promoting his own brand of oil. If you know me I don’t like being approached like this. It’s awkward for me. Anyways, he left a few samples with me. I was skeptical but I do like to smell these oils. most of them have the run of the mill scents. But i was absolutely surprised on kuhn’s product. the scents are amazing well put together. my favorites cedar and Rain.Now the important part. The issues I’ve had with oils in the past is that they are well “oily“. Too much for me. I hated running my hand through my beard and have it all stick to my hand. Or having the oil stay in my beard and cause me to break out. Kuhn, slowly dissipates throughout the day. which is perfect for me. I dont break out or have to wash my beard to get the oil out. also no damaged pillow cases either.

Visit our friends at kuhn products They have an amazing assortment of scents of oils and balms. my favorites are the Rain scent. It is a clean almost cologne like small to it. And the Cedar & Amber Scent. it is a nice woody’s smell that isn’t too spicy or overpowering

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About the Company Kühn

  1. What do feel makes your beard oil and beard balm standout from your competition?

    One of my biggest complaints with the different beard oils and beard balms I've used over the past few years was how greasy they always were. I figured that's just how they all were it was something I'd get used to. What made it worse was when the scent of whatever product I was using wasn't so pleasant, my hands would end up smelling like that. Again, something I figured I'd just have to get used to. Then I started experimenting with my own beard oil and beard balm recipes and I realized that it was all in the ingredients; the products I had been using used cheap, heavy oils and that was the difference. A lot of beard oils and balms are made with coconut oil, a very inexpensive oil that does do the trick, but has a very greasy feel because it doesn't absorb very well into hair and skin. Some other ingredients that are fairly common include castor oil, almond oil, apricot oil, avocado oil, these all do a good job leaving your beard moisturized and shiny, they just don't last. The quicker an oil can absorb into your skin or hair, the longer your beard will stay moisturized. I chose the oils I did for that reason, they absorb very quickly into your beard and skin leaving you moisturized for longer. Something else I discovered while creating my beard balm was the magic of shea butter. It really is one of the best natural moisturizers you can use, but you can only use it in beard balms, Check out most of the beard balms on the market, you'll find shea butter in there. It's a shame you can't use it in beard oils...or can you? Yes you can and that's what you'll find in my beard oil as well. Shea nut oil was the final ingredient to really set my beard oil apart. 

    So what makes kühn oil and balms standout from everyone else? Simply put, there's not a finer combination of all natural ingredients anywhere else.

  2. Why do you feel like you need to start your own line of beard oil?

    I was introduced to cologne when I was 16. One of my best friends bought me cologne for my 16th birthday, and every since then I've been hooked, I love smelling good. When I started using beard oils and balms I was hoping the scents would be as complex as the colognes I had been using. That was definitely not the case. It seemed like they were all single scents, "cedar wood" or "sandalwood" and that was it. When it comes to scents, the more complex the better. You want top, middle, and bass notes as their referred to. I wanted to create my own line of products because I wanted something that didn't just smell good, I wanted something that smelled amazing. 

  3. How did you get started?

    I like my beard a little longer than most and because of that I prefer a stronger hold in my balms to help keep its shape and keep down the flyaways. I had never been fully satisfied with the any of the beard balms I'd used and one day I just got fed up. Why could I not find a beard balm that held worth a darn? So I set out to see if I could fix the problem myself. I tracked down the ingredients and started experimenting. After several tries I felt like I had what I was looking for. I brought it to work to show a friend who also liked experimenting with different oils and balms and he liked it too. Before long a few other guys at work heard about it and asked to try it. A couple guys told me that I made more they'd buy it off me, so I did, and that's how it started. My original plan was to make enough to support my own habit, but I quickly realized I was not alone in my quest to find a better product.   

  4. What inspired you to choose the scents for your oils?

    There is nothing I enjoy more than to get up in the mountains. I love hiking, trail running, camping, fishing, mountain biking, you name it, if I'm in the mountains I'm happy. There are so many people around the world who'll never get to experience the beauty that the mountains of Utah hold. You can look at pictures and videos and get a pretty good idea, but none of that can bring you the smell of fresh mountain air. You'll see on all of kühn's products "made in utah" and "inspired by mountains". These products are my way of bringing to you what Instagram never will, the smell of the mountains.

  5. What are your hopes for the Kühn?

    I just hope that more beards out there will discover the difference beard products make. Too many guys are walking around with dry itchy beards that smell of whatever face soap that used that day. If you choose to use kühn as your oil or balm of choice, cool. If not, that's cool too, as long as guys are using something, that's the most important thing to me. Because if you're using a different brand, once you try mine, you'll notice the difference immediately. 

  6. Anything else you would like to add?

    Kühn is a German word that means "bold, audacious, brave, courageous". I hope my products give guys who wear it that much more confidence to live life. When your beard is on point, when you're looking good and smelling good, that is such a great feeling. I designed all of kühn's products to help guys look better and smell better, 2 less things they have to worry about.