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Meet the Barbers

We are now an appointment only shop, Everyone has same day availability, except for D. Sandoval
you may try and walk-in, but there are no promises will be able to serve you right away.

Savannah B.

Savannah moved to Salt lake city about 6yrs ago. She came from a Men’s Salon in Vernal. She has been barbering for about 5 yrs now. She joined Kraken barber shop back in 2017. She specializes in mens bald fades and long haircuts. So if you are looking to trim that long haircut definitely book with her. And she is the only one in the shop that can wax. If you ever need a nose, ears eyebrows or all three waxed, Savannah is your barber to go to. She is also a master when it comes to shaves and kids haircuts.

She has a huge passion for scuba diving, ask her about her adventures.

savannah salt lake city barber.jpg

Freddy G.

Freddy, Joined Kraken Barber shop in summer of 2017. He has been a Salt lake city barber for about 2 yrs now. Freddy is a perfectionist when it comes to your beard and line ups. You will not find another barber in salt lake city that will make you look fresh. He takes his time to make sure every fade and line are perfect when you walk out that door. He is a man of FEW words. But man do his haircuts speak volumes!

He has a passion for lowriders and just about any other classic car.

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D. Sandoval salt lake city barber

D. Sandoval

D. Sandoval

D. Sandoval, he is the owner of Kraken barber shop. D. has 4 yrs of experience. He started the barber shop 4 yrs ago straight out of barber school. Taking his son into the barber school, he realized that was his next step. D. Has a background in web development and graphic design. So this was a mix of perfect and randomness. He still gets to be creative, but more social, so this was his next step. To Start up one of salt lake city’s best barber shop. The shop might not be on everyone's tongue, But D. is ok with that. He worries more about making sure that you are taken cared of, rather than the barber shop popularity. His clients are the ones that take care of that.  

Instead of opening shop downtown, where it is over saturated with barber shops. He decided he wanted to server all of Salt lake city, by opening up in Midvale. Kraken Barber Shop, sits in the middle of the valley where just about any one can get to within a 15 min drive. If you live in the Sandy, Murray and Cottonwood Heights area, Kraken barber shop is near you. You are within minutes of getting the best mens haircut you ever had.

He is proud to be in Midvale and serving Salt Lake city as a whole, Many people from around the state come to see his shop. So in turn he is very proud to own the Highest rated barber shop in Utah. visit our Yelp and Google pages to read some of the reviews..